National Sisters Committee

  1. Inception: This committee, after a three-year-long process, was appointed by the Founder in about 30 years ago as an independent body that was under his supervision together with Mrs N Bhengu. It consulted and reported to them all its activities and responsibilities.
  2. Term of office: Like all other structures that he appointed before passing on, their term of office is death, backsliding, resignation or changing into another denomination. If one of them passes on, the remaining members are to follow his footsteps, nominate and appoint a replacement.
  3. Duties: This committee was charged by him to: work hand in hand with the Office during December Annual Convention, especially in receiving funds from different regions.
  4. Give financial standing at the end of that service, which should always be on 26 December.
  5. Look out for the welfare of the girls, which is spiritually, mentally, physically and growth of girl’s work of all regions, races and languages, particularly the teaching of unity.
  6. Encourage the girl-sections to be faithful and cling to the procedures and doctrines of the AOG in all the different regions.
  7.  Prepare the deployment of girls’ organisers, as electorates during their first quarterlies annually; and conventions once in two years.
Member Position Contact No
Elsie Mahlangu Chairlady 0824835675
Florence Sikhakhane Vice-Chairlady 0736067716
Thandi Zwane Secretary 0824050754
Nomapha Tyala Vice-Secretary 0721811964
Lindiwe Mkhabela Additional Member 0026876558525
Tomato Mateke Additional Member

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