Statement of Faith

The vision of this ministry is simple but yet Powerful. It is to go into every town, city, province, country preaching the heart of God which is the Word.

The vision is to bring people out of the power of darkness and straight into the light of the LORD, to enlighten them about who they are in the Lord Jesus Christ our saviour

  • We believe in the great commission – Matthew 28 verse 19
  • We believe in water baptism and holly spirit, as well as the teaching of the word of God .
  • We believe in Holiness.
  • We believe in Holy Communion.
  • We believe in Prosperity.
  • We believe in Miracles.
  • We believe in divine healing and deliverance.


The Assemblies of God in South Africa dates back to 1908. Nicholas Bhengu was a great pioneer of the movement. He linked up with Mr. HC Philips and the Emmanuel Mission in Nelspruit in the mid-thirties and they later became part of the Assemblies of God. In about 1936, James Mullan came from the Belgian Congo (now Zaire) to work at the Emmanuel Mission. Like Nicholas, he too and his brother Fred became part of the Assemblies of God.

In 1940 Rev Nicholas Bhengu started a crusade in Port Elizabeth. Miracles of healings happened through Bhengu’s ministry. Crowds flocked in, a thousand conversions were recorded in a few glorious weeks. He named his evangelistic crusade ‘Back to God’ Motor vehicles were written Africa Back to God. This resulted in people converted at the crusade thinking that the Back to God was a denomination, yet it was not so. Some of those who were converted became his followers and others went back to their denominations. From there he went to East London and a mighty revival ensued. These cities were his springboards to virtually all the cities and towns in South Africa and the neighboring states. It was when God started moving in unprecedented way in the ministry of Reverend Bhengu confirming his presence with miracles, signs and wonders, remarkable conversions and outstanding miracles of healing. The flame of revival spread like wildfire touching people’ lives holistically. The hand of God through his tangible presence was upon the continent of Africa, particularly the southern part and even some parts of the world. This great move of God led to the establishment of many churches. The pioneering work in church planting was the practical outcome. And the majority today of Assemblies of God members are those who were affected by Bhengu’s Back to God crusades.

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