National Committees

The AOG-BTG Executive, elected in 2009 and under the chairmanship of Pastor EDM Hlophe, felt the need to establish a sub-committee that will coordinate and facilitate the functioning and activities of the conference.  This was aimed at alleviating the burden on the shoulders of the leadership, allowing them to concentrate on other issues whilst the conference is running smoothly. Hence, the Conference Coordinating Team (CCT) was established!

The term of office of the CCT corresponds to that of the operating Executive and every newly elected Executive has the rights to appoint a new CCT or re-appoint members.

Duties of the CCT are:

  • To liaise with the Executive to ensure that notice(s) and agenda of the conference have been sent to the regions as soon as the dates and venue are decided.
  • To liaise with other sub-committees, like Preparations Committee so as to ensure that all the logistical preparations are taken care of.
  • To facilitate the submission of reports by various conference structures and speeches by applicable conference speakers.
  • To prepare the conference booklet, comprising of all relevant reports, e.g. secretary’s report, chairman’s address, Back To God report, financial reports and any report that deemed necessary for the conference.
  • To coordinate the conference program, suggesting the names of program participants and time allocations for various items in the program.
  • To ensure that the proceedings of the conference are being recorded or captured.  The minutes and recordings becomes the property of the Executive as soon as they are finalised.
  • To receive all comments and suggestions for the betterment of the conference and submit them to the Executive for implementation when possible.
  • To give and discuss an evaluation report with the Executive.  The report should be highlighting successes and areas of concern.
  • To oversee, monitor registration process and address issues a

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