Monday, December 10, 2018
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Mothers’ Supervisors

The committee is made out of four mothers. Mothers Supervisor’s obligation is to oversee and organise the mothers and girls work in all the AOG regions, they also help the pastor’s wives with their duties in the local church. They have the responsibility to ensure that the mothers and girls organisers teach the right staff. To ensure the above, mothers Supervisors occasionally organize refresher courses regionally to teach mothers and girls organisers what should be taught at locals.  The Supervisors meet with organisers to get progress reports i.e. problems and difficulties arising from the work. To check on finances they compare the minute book against the bankbook.





Dianah Mofokeng

083 744 7716

Monica Tembe

072 936 5945

Doris Radebe

000268 7607 5616

Emliy Shabangu