Monday, December 10, 2018
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The Back to God Crusade is the evangelistic arm of the Assemblies of God (BTG), spreading the gospel throughout Africa and the world.

The BTGC shall have seven committee members (National Back to God Crusade Committee) appointed by the Executive of the AOG(BTG), and who are bona fide members and Pastors within the Assemblies of God (BTG).

It carries the Evangelistic Mandate of the Church.

Funds that are received from the mother’s work will be used primarily for the BTGC operations.

The BTGC shall prepare proper reports on the general administration of the BTGC work (informed by proper regional reports on revivals) for the NBTGC, Executive and Annual Conference.

The NBTGC together with the BTGC Board of Trustees is responsible for the safeguard and administration of all its equipment, property and finance as delegated to it by the AOG (BTG) Executive.


Back to God Crusade Contacts

Full Name


Hezekiel  Nkambule

084 362 3109,  00268 7605 9039

Nathaniel Mabuza

072 530 8155, 00268 7611 9209

Buti Phillip Msiza

083 287 7500, 011 738 2728, 071 424 2740

Daniel Mukhari

072 229 3051