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Rev Bhengu appointed the original twenty four (24) members of the Back to God Teaching Team herein referred to as the Teaching Team.

The appointment of the Teaching Team is a life appointment unless a member violates the principle and statutes of the Word of God – the Bible and or undermines or violates the provisions as set-out on the rules of procedure.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Teaching Team

The Teaching Team has an Apostolic Mandate and functions as the Apostolic Body of the Church. It is a Vanguard of Sound Doctrine in the Church.

The Teaching Team shall have a Co-ordinating committee of seven (7) elected members from amongst its members.

It is the vanguard and the custodian of the doctrine as espoused by the Assemblies of God (Back to God). It performs no administrative function, however should be consulted on the administrative work.

The Teaching Team smoothes/heals relations after the Executive has settles disputes. The Teaching Team acts as a conciliatory body.

The Teaching Team’s other function is training and ordaining Pastors as well as training an overseeing the election of Elders and Deacons in local assemblies to replace church committees.

Assist and ensures the establishment of local assemblies in consultation with the AOG/BTG Executive, NBTGC nationally, and RCC’s and the RBTG Committees regionally.

The Teaching Team has an obligation to train and arrange refresher courses for the leaders including Ministers, so as to ensure continuity, uniformity and safeguard against deviation from the Church’s doctrine.

All Teaching Team members shall not be eligible to contest any elected positions within the Assemblies of God (Back to God). One-member-one-cap principle applies (e.g RCC or Executive)

Members of the Teaching Team should be exemplary in word and deed and shall not be involved in conduct or behaviour that warrants discipline





Josaih Ngonyama

031 205 7449, 073 958 9479

Mnyamana Didi

083 499 2285

Luke Fana Shabalala

073 150 2611,

Fred V Shabalala

082 469 4412

Musa David Mkhabela

081 384 6494

Anthony Thamsanqa Gcwabe

083 758 0194

Victor Nkomonde


Esau Majuba Maduna

083 548 3830, 071 340 2406

Elijah Maswanganyi

083 377 1274

Nathaniel Mangendoda Ngonyama

072 417 8778

Raymond Bucwa

083 420 6729

David Banjwa

072 297 6113

Bongani P Mkhumane

073 519 9055

Abraham Langa

083 762 2886

Johannes J Mahlangu

083 549 49 48

Daniel Maswanganyi

073 679 70 75